The Girls Room

Hey girls!

The Girls Room is the only place to be if you are a naughty girl.

Here you can talk about you true desires without being judged.

It is our own little safe space. Great right? 😀

In The Girls Room I like to talk about sexual desires and maybe you can do too.

Let’s start with “daddy issues”.

Do you also love to be spanked by your daddy?

No, not your real daddy.

But your boyfriend, who you love to call daddy when you are making love.

You can call that DDLG.

In the daddy dom little girl industry there is a little amount of porn videos for us girls.

So I can recommend only one website for DDLG porn videos.

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Yes Daddy

What are you telling me?

You aren’t totally into that?

Then I have something different for you.

And that is swimming pool excitement.

Do you remember swimming with your boyfriend and you getting all turned on?

Yeah, we all know that feeling right 😀

The pool is the perfect place to do hot stuff with your boo.

Jerk him off under water or kiss in the bubble bath.

It’s all awesome!

Now, I have a website who focuses on swimming pool porn for you guys.

And they also have the best swimming pool changing room videos, because you know what happens at those changing rooms at the swimming pool right?

Swimming pools are awesome

Let’s go back to the DDLG videos, because I wasn’t done quite yet.

DDLG can also be very sweet and innocent. And also only in audio form.

You can listen to ASMR stories about DDLG relationships.

Perfect for girls who love to let their fantasies do the work, instead of your eyes.

That’s all for now.

Have a great day and see you soon!

~ Jane from The Girls Room

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